Monday, February 21, 2011

The Best French Toast Ever! (and its recipe)

December 2010, at Hotel Okura in Tokyo

I've had many different kinds of french toasts in my life, but this french toast at Hotel Okura in Tokyo was by far the best. It's crispy and light outside, and it's very creamy and soft inside. Once I had a bite, it melted in my mouth with pleasantly sweet vanilla flavor. Even though it has a very rich taste and flavor, it's very light and I felt like ordering more. (unfortunately, the one I ordered was the last one the restaurant had on that day)

Better yet, you can recreate it by your own using the recipe the hotel has publicized!

Recipe on Hotel Okura's website (Japanese)

In a nutshell,

  • 6 Eggs, 370cc milk, 62g sugar, Vanilla essence, Bread (4cm thick)
  • Mix eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla essence
  • Sop the bread into the mixture for 24 hours (12 hours one side)
  • Cook it on a pan with butter (on moderate heat with lid closed) for 15 min.

It requires some practice, but once you make it right, it tastes really good.
I made it again this morning, and it was DELICIOUS!


  1. How kind of the hotel to open the recipe to the public!
    By the way, I like pancake mix of Hotel Okura. The manufacturer is Nagatanien, though.


  2. Glad to find this recipe!
    I had this at the Hyatt in Tokyo a couple months ago.
    I cooked it on an induction burner at 90C (~195F) and only used 2.5cm thick bread.
    One thing I did was to soak the bread in the mixture for 1 hr, but used a vacuum assist to speed the process up. The egg mixture thoroughly saturated the bread - clearly all the way through.
    All said, this is a great rendition of French Toast.

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