Saturday, February 26, 2011

City Photo: Miniature Town

This is a hand-maid miniature of a real city that took 10 people for 3 months to complete...
Okay, as some of you have noticed, that's not the truth.

The truth is, this is photo of a real city I took, spiced with a little visual magic by photoshop. This technique is recently known by the "diorama" photo filter on digital cameras like Olympus Pen. It's easy to make one, if you have a photo editing software. You just do 2 things - blur the top and bottom parts of the photo, and make the color vivid. It creates this effect of mimicking short focal length (it makes you feel like you're looking at a small object closely), and make it seems as if it's painted.

The way we perceive visual information is interesting. With the above setting, we automatically feel like it's a miniature. Not sure if our brain is guessing based on visual characteristics of blurriness or we are judging based on learned patterns of other (real) miniature photos. Anyhow, human has an amazing ability to see and imagine, and what we see is not always what actually it is.

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