Sunday, February 20, 2011

Napa Valley - wine, geometry and architecture

I changed the original plan to go to Lake Tahoe, and went to Napa Valley today with my wife and a friend. It's been 3 years since I visited there last time.

Of course nice vintages of wines are tasty, but aside from that, sceneries you can see in the area are also very pleasant. In this season, wine trees don't have leaves, so you can see the geometric pattern of vineyards. They have different beauty from the vineyards full of green in the summer. Also, yellow mustard flowers add nice color to the beautiful hill (I didn't take a photo of them while driving, though). Another thing I like is the architecture of Opus One winery. It's a very well-designed architecture both inside and outside.

And lastly, a yummy rib-eye stake with a glass of tasty wine at Ruthford Grill. Mmm, meat!

Wine Tasting at Baulieu Vinyard

Beautiful architecture or Opus One
Geometric pattern in a vineyard

Old vines in Opus One

A 3pm snack. Mmm, meat.

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